Former Zwan drummer Jimmy Chamberlain blames the band's fall from grace on their failure to capture a faithful following.

Chamberlain - also a member of defunct outfit SMASHING PUMPKINS - admits Zwan's decision to support heavy rockers Iron Maiden confused fans of their commercially-themed album MARY STAR OF THE SEA.

He believes fans were further alienated by musical differences within the band - which ultimately led to their split after just two years together.

Chamberlain says, "Zwan had run its course. I don't want to bag on anybody in the band, but I think we all had different aspirations and different ideas of success.

"No-one was lazy or wrong, but people got p**sed off and opened their mouths. I don't think opening for Iron Maiden was the right place for Zwan and I think we maybe missed the mark on the record we released."

25/02/2005 20:30