Zwan frontman Billy Corgan is a disaster at pretending to be humble - unlike most of America's stars.

The former SMASHING PUMPKINS singer admits his rock'n'roll antics have gone down better in Britain - the land that produced arrogant rockers OASIS - than in his native US, where stars are expected to downplay their egos.

Corgan explains, "You can't have a band with Oasis' attitude in an American setting. They won't buy it as an intellectual concept.

"America's big on humility. You need look no further than all the public posturing of Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts. They get their Oscars and they say they want to thank all these people but that's not what they're thinking. That's what they need to say to convince all the fat housewives that they really care.

"I've never played that game, which is why I've had problems in America."

30/05/2003 13:43