Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband has been named temporary conservator of her estate.

A Los Angeles court has appointed Prince Frederic von Anhalt to be in charge of the ailing 95-year-old actress' affairs, ending his bitter battle with her daughter Francesca Hilton.

Frederic said: ''I'm the conservator now of my wife, so that's good. She's doing fine.''

In March, Francesca - Zsa Zsa's daughter from her second marriage to Conrad Hilton - filed a lawsuit asking for a conservator to oversee her mother's finances and medical care as she didn't feel Frederic was looking after her properly.

The order - which is in place for six months - gives Francesca the right to weekly visits, with 24-hour notice required and her lawyer said he was hopeful the ruling would allay her concerns as he must send financial records each month and Judge Reva Goetz ordered an end to any powers of attorney Frederic might claim that would have allowed him to sell Gabor's Bel Air mansion or other estate assets.

Additionally, he can make spending decisions with some of the money, but he must get court approval to access one bank account.

Attorney Kenneth Kossoff said: ''The outcome is an outcome where everybody agreed to a mediation ... the hope is that it will work well for the six months that we've agreed to have it in place.

''I'm cautiously optimistic, because... we're going to be getting monthly bank statements and cancelled checks, so numerous provisions where I think Zsa Zsa's interests are protected, in terms of her finances.

''[It will] make sure Zsa Zsa's money is used for Zsa Zsa's benefit and not for anybody's birthday party, billboards or mayoral campaign.

''My client is also able to visit her mother weekly with security to ensure that she doesn't feel threatened.''

Another hearing has been set for January 9 to evaluate how the agreement has worked.