Zsa Zsa Gabor 's daughter Francesca Hilton has won her battle to be appointed the conservator who will oversee the actress's finances and medical care, according to CNN. Francesca got her wish in court on Wednesday (July 11, 2012), meaning Gabor's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt - whom Hilton has feuded with for many years - will have to provide monthly financial and medical reports.
Francesca had previously claimed von Anhalt kept her ailing mother "increasingly isolated" and "heavily sedated". The Hungarian born actress - once one of the most glamorous woman in Hollywood - has been in ill health for several years, having a leg amputation last year that has left her confined to a bed. Now, her only child with Conrad Hilton will get weekly visits without von Anhalt having to be present. According to Francesca's lawyer, the arrangement will "make sure Zsa Zsa's money is used for Zsa Zsa's benefit and not for anybody's birthday party, billboards or mayoral campaign". Von Anhalt, 68, has maintained a high media profile since Gabor began suffering ill health, including a run for the Governor of California in 2010 - he is currently an announced candidate for the Mayor of Los Angeles. During a recent interview with Cnn, the German-born Prince said he limits his stepdaughter's access because she brings negativity into the room, saying, "I want smiling people in here. Happy, smiling people.I'm going to make sure she has a good life, as long as I live, I will take care of her".
Von Anhalt is 27-year-old younger than Gabor, whom he married more than 25 years ago. She is best known for her role in Moulin Rouge (1952).