Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter will ask a judge to appoint a conservator to oversee her mother's finances and medical care.

Francesca Hilton - the 95-year-old actress' daughter from her second marriage to hotelier Conrad Hilton - is unhappy with the care her mother is currently receiving from her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt and will file a conservatorship petition in a Los Angeles court today (20.03.12).

Her lawyer, Kenneth Kossoff, said: ''What Ms. Hilton is seeking here is for the court to make sure that Zsa Zsa's best interests are not being sacrificed for the selfish interests of anyone involved in Zsa Zsa's life.''

She is also concerned that Frederic - who is 27 years younger than Zsa Zsa - keeps her mother ''isolated'' and ''heavily sedated'' and has cited a $700,000 loan he took out against Zsa Zsa's Bel Air mansion as worrying.

Mr. Kossoff added: ''In spite of her conflicts with von Anhalt, Francesca has been hoping he had Zsa Zsa's interests at heart. However, having just recently learned that he took out a $700,000 loan, and that there was a notice of default recorded against the property in late February 2012 because he apparently has not been paying Zsa Zsa's mortgage payment, it became clear to Francesca that if she did not seek to protect her mother, no one else would.''

Francesca claims in the petition that her mother - who has suffered a series of health problems including having her leg amputated last year - has also become isolated from her close friends because of Frederic, 68.

She stated in the court filing: ''My mother's husband has increasingly isolated my mother from others who have been close to her. Before she broke her hip, my mother and I spoke several times every day. Since she broke her hip, her husband has removed the telephone that used to be by her bed.''

She also raised concern about ''remnants of some bedsores'' and ''lesions on my mother's face''.

She added: ''I am very concerned that her medical needs and treatment are not being managed in her best interest.

''I also believe that my mother now may suffer from a loss of intellectual and emotional faculties, which may be induced by the medication my mother is being given.''