Zsa Zsa Gabor 's daughter has launched a legal fight against her mother's husband, in a battle to regain control of her mother's financial affairs. Francesca Hilton is Zsa Zsa's daughter from a previous marriage to the hotel magnate Conrad Hilton. She is reportedly planning to file a lawsuit in Los Angeles "asking a judge to appoint a conservator to oversee the 95 year-old's finances and medical care" according to Los Angeles Times.
Francesca's lawyer, Kenneth Kossoff has said "What Ms. Hilton is seeking here is for the court to make sure that Zsa Zsa's best interests are not being sacrificed for the selfish interests of anyone involved in Zsa Zsa's life." In a report from Associated Press, Zsa Zsa's husband of 25 years, Prince Frederic von Anhalt has criticized Ms Hilton for the move, arguing that, despite now struggling to afford his wife's medical bills, he has been acting in her best interests. "I bought a $25,000 bed to be comfortable," he told reports and also revealed "She smiles. Unfortunately, my wife doesn't talk, she's 95 years old, she lost her leg, but she's comfortable right now. I have to change diapers, I have to do everything." Prince Frederic also stated that he was willing to fight the legal action.