Zsa Zsa Gabor is celebrating her 95th birthday today (February 6, 2012), despite being read her last rites in a Los Angeles hospital in August 2010. The outlook appeared bleak for the Hollywood icon after a serious bout of ill health, but the actress has since rallied and recently underwent a successful operation.
Back in October 2011, Gabor headed back into hospital to replace a loose feeding tube in her stomach and the operation was hailed a "success" by her husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt, according to the Los Angeles Times. Doctors reportedly took just over an hour to complete the operation without any complications. Just days before the surgery, the ailing Hollywood actress had been rushed into the emergency room after losing consciousness at her Bel-Air mansion - she was also suffering from a high fever and internal bleeding. Though Gabor has experienced numerous bouts of ill health over the past 10 years, serious fears arose in 2010 when she broke her hip falling out of bed - she has been in and out of hospital ever since. After contracting an infection in January 2011, the actress had her right leg amputated but refused the same surgery on her left leg - against the recommendation of doctors.
Nevertheless, fans were expecting the worst in 2010 when it was reported Gabor only had weeks to live, but she is assumed to be at home in Los Angeles celebrating her 95th birthday. Meanwhile, her husband Von Anhalt has signalled his intention to run for Mayor of Los Angeles in 2013.