Zsa Zsa Gabor's has a less than 50 per cent chance of surviving an operation her leg.

The 93-year-old actress' husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt has been warned by doctors putting her under anaesthetic to have surgery on her limb could be risky, he told gossip website TMZ.

Prince Frederic is expected to make a decision on whether his wife should undergo the operation later today (08.01.11) but has been told Zsa Zsa could alternatively undergo three months of antibiotics, though the medication could destroy her kidneys.

The 93-year-old actress was first rushed into the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre in Los Angeles on Sunday (02.01.11) after a lesion in her leg began to show signs of gangrene.

Initially it was planned for part of the limb to be amputated, but her representative John Blanchette confirmed that may no longer be necessary.

Speaking on Tuesday (04.01.11) he said: "Over the next two days, the doctors are treating her with powerful antibiotics in the hope that they will affect the lesion on her lower leg."

Zsa Zsa's health has been in decline since she fell out of bed at her home in Bel Air in July while watching an episode of her favourite TV show 'Jeopardy'.

She had a hip replacement a few days later but remained in hospital for three weeks.

She was then placed back in medical care in November after complaining of a pain her leg, which a doctor diagnosed as a blood clot.