The veteran actress was admitted to a medical centre in Los Angeles with breathing difficulties just two day after celebrating her 99th birthday on 6 February (16).

Gabor, who was left partially paralysed following a car accident in 2002, is still battling a lung infection, relating to a feeding tube she previously had fitted, but has since returned home to continue her treatment, and she is determined to overcome her latest health setback.

"She is fighting right now and she wants to move on," von Anhalt told U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight. "She wants to live.

"She squeezes my hand, she kisses," the 72-year-old continued. "She is drinking water, she has ice cream. She wants to move on. People don't want to move on - they give up, they totally give up, (but) she wants to move on.

"She never told me, 'Let me go,' or, 'I don't want to live anymore' - things like that - like people do when they get to an age like that."

But von Anhalt can only do so much to help his wife, who previously broke her hip and had her right leg amputated due to gangrene.

"This is a struggle, you can see it in her face...," he added. "We do the best (we can). She is in a very good environment. We take good care of her, but that is all we can do, you know? We entertain her. The only medicine we can give is entertainment. So, entertainment, keeping her comfortable - that is all we can do. And we have to wait and see."

Von Anhalt also believes in the power of positive thinking, so he's banned all negativity and talk of illness from Gabor's bedroom.

"We don't talk about any sickness in the bedroom - only positive things," he explained. "If you talk about hospital and doctors and things like that, you are out. We keep everything positive, she doesn't know (how bad her health is).

"I don't (tell her everything) because if I tell her something negative, she is a target for strokes... I can't tell her what is going on because her blood pressure is so high, she is going to be very nervous. And you know, when the blood pressure is high, they cannot operate, they can't do anything."

Despite Gabor's fragile condition, von Anhalt is hopeful the couple will get the chance to celebrate her 100th birthday next year (17) with a big bash.

"We are going to make a big party," he shared. "Hopefully she is better, she is healthier... and she lives on like her mother did. Her mother was 103 (when she died)."