Zsa Zsa Gabor has emerged from her coma.

The 94-year-old actress lost consciousness early last Wednesday (18.05.11) after undergoing stomach surgery in a Los Angeles hospital but her husband Prince Frederic Von Anhalt says she is now awake and wants to return home.

He told OntheRedCarpet.com: "She's the only thing I have, if she dies I don't have anybody else to live for.

"She does not want to be Left Alone. I sleep in a couch with my feet dangling but that's ok, we made promises that we would take care of each other until the end. I know she would do the same for me."

Prince Frederic - the screen legend's ninth husband - says his wife's blood pressure is normal, her infection has gone down but she is not allowed to eat or drink so has a feeding tube.

According to her spouse, Zsa Zsa is trying to speak but can only say "yes, no, hurts me, darling."

Zsa Zsa has been blighted with a string of recent health problems and was rushed to hospital earlier this month with severe pneumonia symptoms.

She also needed medical attention for high blood pressure after she became inconsolable over the death of her friend Dame Elizabeth Taylor in March.

The frail actress has also struggled with an infection in her left leg, and while doctors advised she should have the limb amputated - just a month after she lost part of her right leg - she refused the operation, leaving her with just a 50/50 chance of surviving for another year.

Frederic said: "Another big operation is a big risk for a woman who is 94 years old with high blood pressure.

"We don't expect her to get better. She will be in bed for the rest of her life."