Zsa Zsa Gabor and Sonny Chiba are among a host of stars who have been selected for the B-Movie Hall of Fame.

Chiba, the Japanese icon of martial arts flicks like GANGSTER COP and THE STREET FIGHTER, and Hungarian glamour girl Gabor, from camp films THE GIRL IN THE KREMLIN and THE QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, are among 10 artists and 10 films honoured.

The seventh annual Hall of Fame voting was done at B-MOVIE THEATER, a website celebrating the art of low-budget film-making. Online voters were provided ballots listing 100 nominated films and 100 nominated artists.

Winning the most votes for an individual artist was actress Debbie Rochon, whose films include BLACK EASTER and HELLBLOCK 13.

Rochon hosted the 1999 inaugural B-movie film festival held each year in Syracuse, New York.

British writer and director CLIVE BARKER, who created the long running HELLRAISER and CANDYMAN series, received the second highest total.

25/10/2004 21:15