Zooey Deschanel has been cast as Loretta Lynn in a forthcoming Broadway production, Reuters reports today (May 1, 2012). The production is a stage adaptation of the award-winning 1980 film The Coal Miner's Daughter. In the original film, the role of Loretta Lynn was played by Sissy Spacek, who won an Academy Award for her performance.
Last night, Loretta introduced Zooey - with whom she also sang - at a performance at the Ryman auditorium, during the Opry Country Classics show. Making the introduction, 77 year-old Lynn said "It's a long way from Butcher Holler to Broadway in New York City. I never imagined I'd see 'Coal Miner's Daughter' on a movie screen, and now I can't believe it's going to be on a stage for people to see." She went on to say "I'm going to be right there in the front row. And I know Zooey is going to be great - she sings and writes her own songs just like I do, and we even have the same color eyes!" The dates for the production of The Coal Miner's Daughter have yet to be confirmed. The film and play are based on Loretta's 1976 autobiography of the same name.
Zooey has recently enjoyed a surge of popularity, with the debut season of the sitcom New Girl. In it she plays the role of Jess, a quirky girl, recently split from a long-term boyfriend, who moves in with three guys that she barely knows. The series quickly became a hit, both in the US and the UK.