Zooey Deschanel's mum would only buy her clothes twice a year.

The 'New Girl' star claims her kooky fashion comes from having to be creative with a needle and thread from an early age, because her parents wouldn't allow her to have too large a wardrobe.

She explained: ''My parents wouldn't let my buy clothes willy-nilly. We'd get new clothes maybe twice a year, just practical things, so I started making them myself.

''I would sort of fit things on myself and then sew them together. I remember taking fabric my mom had used to make a Christmas stocking, but I made a red dress out of it, with white eyelet trim, for a friend's birthday party.''

Style icon Zooey, 34, also likes the way she is seen as an example of how to look good dressing in a ''modest'' way.

She told Glamour magazine: ''Whatever you put me in, I still look like myself. If someone wants to look good and is a little more modest, they can see some examples of how to do that in what I wear.''