Zooey Deschanel, the surprise choice to sing the national anthem at this year's World Series, was given the thumbs up after belting out the Star Spangled Banner during Game 4 of the series on Sunday (23rd October 2011).
The actress and occasional singer performed an almost note-perfect version of the historic anthem, unlike Cyndi Lauper and Christina Aguilera, who in the past have been found guilty of flubbing the tune. The performance appeared to go down well with the sold out audience at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, and Twitter became alive with discussions about Zooey's impressive vocal range. Author Judy Blume was one of the first to commend the actress, tweeting, "Zooey was amazing", while actor Nick Kroll bluntly informed her, "You just sang the sh*t out of the national anthem". DJ and sister of producer Mark, Samantha Ronson was similarly impressed, telling the actress, "Just watched you sing the national anthem- dayum girl! amazing!!!" The performance comes just days after American Idol winner Scotty Mccreery began signing the anthem without his microphone turned on, much to the dissatisfaction of the World Series crowd.
Despite the high praise, Zooey didn't stick around to watch the match, with announcers pointing out her empty seat midway through the game. She later explained on Twitter, "Would have loved to have watched the whole game but I had to catch a plane so I can go to work tomorrow.That's all guys. I'm not a jerk".