Zooey Deschanel, the American actress best known for her starring role in rom-com '500 Days of Summer', has received rave reviews for her new Fox sitcom 'New Girl', which premiered on Tuesday (20th September 2011).
The show follows three flatmates, Nick, Schmidt and Winston, who seek to find a fourth person to share the rent. After posting an advert on Craigslist, 'Jessica', played by Deschanel, knocks on the door and states her desire to move in. Attempting to get over her recent relationship breakup, Jessica watches 'Dirty Dancing' time and time again, much to the dismay of her new housemates. Writing in the New York Daily News, critic David Hinkley acknowledged the sitcom's obvious homage to other shows, but noted, "the most encouraging thing about New Girl, though, is that the opening episode doesn't let its characters settle in as the stereotypes they could easily become". Mary MCNamara, of the Los Angeles Times, praised the actress' role in particular, saying, "Deschanel's essential sexiness is impossible to eradicate, but she uses all its elements - the eyes, that voice, those curves - to fine comedic effect".
The first episode of the show lit up social networking sites such as Twitter - with both fans of Deschanel and celebrity names tweeting their approval. Carson Daly told followers, "Love the new girl on fox. Zoey is a star. Show is great".