Zooey Deschanel has ''clicked'' with Jonathan Scott's family.

The 'Property Brothers' star is sure it will last with the 'New Girl' actress because she gets on so well with his relatives.

He said: ''It's very, very important for me that the person I'm in love with also gets the approval of my whole family. Absolutely everybody has clicked with Zooey.''

And Jonathan's twin brother has confirmed they all get along really well, praising how the couple ''connect'' on many levels.

His twin brother Drew added to People magazine: ''Linda [his wife] and I have noticed that they connect on an individual level as well, which is great. They're both amazing humans, and we love the idea of having her in our lives.''

Meanwhile, Jonathan recently revealed he feels Zooey ''brings out the best'' in him and she has ''been amazing''.

He gushed: ''[The romance has] been amazing. What [a] way to start off 2020 with a whole new path in life. People keep saying to me, like, 'Jonathan, you feel so alive.' I'm like, 'Was I a dud before? What happened?' I will admit she brings out the best in me and she makes me want to be the best version of myself.''

And even Jonathan's brother and co-star Drew Scott can't believe the change Zooey has had on her beau, as he said his hasn't seen his brother smile like this in a very long time'' and said it's ''amazing to see him so happy''.

And the new couple found it funny when fans were shocked to see them together.

He explained earlier this week: ''I don't think it was expected. You know, what's really funny to me is, yeah, you see online and on social media, the internet is obsessed and keeps posting [about us], but the funniest thing is everyone's like, 'She's dating who?!'''