Zomby To Release New Album 'With Love' On June 17th 2013

Zomby To Release New Album 'With Love' On June 17th 2013

On June 17th, 4AD will release With Love, the third album from Zomby.

Divided into two volumes, the 33-track triple vinyl / double CD serves as a love letter to the soulful dance music of his past; "A perfect mirror image of it's creator" The Wire, "Moving in ways that are hard to explain" Q. Full details below. 

Appearing online today via Dazed Digital, London based director Ollie Evans has used four tracks to create a tableau vivant-inspired short to help preview the new record. Filmed in monochrome and slow motion, Evans takes excerpts from 'Ascension', 'Sunshine in November', 'Overdose' and 'Memories' to portray a movement through life and death. 

With Love tracklisting:

Volume 1 
1. As Darkness Falls 
2. Ascension 
3. Horrid 
4. If I Will 
5. Isis 
6. It's Time 
7. Memories 
8. Orion 
9. Overdose 
10. Pray For Me 
11. Rendezvous 
12. The Things You Do 
13. This One 
14. Vanishment 
15. VI-XI 
16. VxV 
17. 777

Volume 2 
1. Black Rose 
2. Digital Smoke 
3. Entropy Sketch 
4. Glass Ocean 
5. How To Ascend 
6. I Saw Golden Light 
7. Pyrex Nights (feat. Last Japan) 
8. Quickening 
9. Reflection In Black Glass 
10. Shiva 
11. Soliloquy 
12. Sphinx 
13. Sunshine In November 
14. Vast Emptiness 
15. White Smoke 
16. With Love