Zoey Deutch is ''really ambitious'' with her career.

The 22-year-old actress has admitted she ''loves'' her job, and isn't afraid to take risks and think big when it comes to the roles she accepts, as she has a strong desire to succeed.

She said: ''I love what I do. I really do...And I'm really ambitious. But ambition is a dirty word to some people. All it means is that you're willing to work hard to do what you love.''

And the 'Why Him?' actress believes she gets her passion for acting from her Hollywood star mother Lea Thompson, as she says she was always ''proud'' of her job growing up.

Speaking about her mother, Zoey said: ''She works harder than anyone I know. I remember when I was a kid, she never said, 'I'm so sorry I have to go to work.' She would just say, 'I love you, and I'm going to work.' We knew that she was proud of it, and she was also an excellent mother. There were no apologies necessary.''

The 'Dirty Grandpa' star - who split from her boyfriend of five years and fellow actor Avan Jogia in January - also admits she was moved by a speech Ethan Hawke gave during the Gotham Awards in November last year, as he reminded her to be ''okay'' with the inconsistency of working in Hollywood.

She told the April issue of C Magazine: ''At the Gotham Awards, Ethan Hawke gave this great speech; the gist was that he was it then he wasn't it. He was hot and then not hot. And that it was good for him to experience that, and know that it won't always be consistent. It's a job. You have to be OK with the ebbs and flows.''