Zoe Saldana has ''fun'' with fashion.

The 'Avatar' actress admits she works closely with her stylist when she goes to red carpet events but her main aim is to not take everything too seriously.

Zoe said of her stylist: ''She's one of my closest friends and we have so much fun with fashion. I don't let it worry me.''

Zoe has a huge interest on fashion and loves admiring dresses designers have made.

She said: ''I love the craftsmanship of it ... I love the composition, what designers go through to build a collection, to build a line, to build a label, a brand.''

And one thing Zoe - who is dating Hollywood hunk Bradley Cooper - wants to do more of this year is be more adventurous with her fashion choices.

She said: ''I'm going to wear colour. I'm a New Yorker. I'm always dressed like I'm mourning something, in black and white. But I'm introducing colour this year.''