Zoe Saldana had to be convinced to wear feminine colours.

The 'Avatar' actress says she used to be unsure of donning girly shades as she felt more comfortable in darker colours.

However, her stylist Petra Flannery has persuaded her to expand her choices and recently wowed in a dusty Pink dress.

She told FabSugar: ''This took years for to get me to wear - feminine, pretty colours and pastel. I always want things to be hard and poignant but sometimes, you need these things because they mellow you out.

''I'm not a pink girl. My style is unexpected and emotional.''

Zoe admits she relies heavily on Petra to put together her red carpet outfits as she hasn't got the time to think about her clothes.

She said: ''Petra is my must-have. I work so hard and I am nonstop that sometimes taking time to think about what I am going to wear is overwhelming.''