Zoe Saldana used to think ''men were nothing''.

The 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' actress is a feisty, empowered woman and admits that when she was in her 20s, she wouldn't pay much attention to the men around her.

Zoe, 35, said: ''I definitely had issues when I was in my twenties. I was one of those girls who went around saying, 'Men are nothing.' Now I'm older, I've come to see that, not only are they not nothing, they're actually everything, and beautiful too. And so are we women.''

Zoe also said she thinks alpha males who claim to rule their households are ''losers''.

She added: ''When I hear a man saying 'I'm the lion of the house', I think, 'Well, I feel really sorry for you.'

''Because the lion is such a loser. The lionesses go to work while he sleeps all day and takes their food. Okay, he has all that fur and looks intimidating, but it's all for show.''

The outspoken actress previously said she won't let a man walk all over her and has no problem saying 'no', even if she's branded a ''b***h'' as a result.

She explained: ''As I've grown older I've become more comfortable. Also, as a woman, it's very important as you age to learn the power of saying no. Because of our gender, society, politics, our nature and our history, we've been unconsciously, and not purposely, conditioned to be 'yes' people.

''It's OK for a woman to say no. You won't be liked, trust me. If a man says no, he's cool but if a woman says no, it's like, 'What a b***h''. I have no problem saying no.''