Zoe Saldana finds shooting a gun ''very soothing''.

The 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' actress enjoys the power kick she gets from holding a lethal weapon and loves how spot on her aiming is at the shooting range.

She said: ''It's very soothing. You're releasing a lot of power. But it's also... You're testing yourself because you're holding in your hand something that's so powerful it can end anything in seconds and you want to know you are OK to handle it.

''And, as a woman, I like knowing that I have a good aim.''

Alongside her risqué comments, Zoe - who previously dated her 'The Words' co-star Bradley Cooper - has attracted controversy after it was claimed she wasn't black enough to play the late singing legend Nina Simone in an upcoming biopic.

She added to InStyle magazine: ''In order for me to be darker or lighter than anything, I would need to be comparing myself to that and I don't compare myself. I am me.

''There's only one of me in this universe. Why the f**k am I going to spend the only 60 years I have on this earth comparing myself to a blonde girl or a black woman?''