Zoe Saldana won't take selfies with fans because she doesn't want to confuse her sons.

The 'Avatar' actress - who has three-year-old twins Bowie and Cy and Zen, 15 months, with husband Marco Perego - is pleased people are understanding when she explains that posing for pictures with ''strangers'' sends mixed messages to her kids.

She told PorterEdit magazine: ''It has been confusing to the boys when they see us approached for a picture; it shifts their behaviour.

''So I talk to that person: 'I'm teaching my sons about strangers, and [taking a picture with you] will be very confusing to them.' The response is 100% receptive. People go, 'My God, we get it,' and walk away, knowing why I turned them down.''

Zoe previously admitted her ''greatest wish'' is that her children don't grow up ''feeling conscious'' about the colour of their skin.

She said: ''My greatest wish for my kids is that they never grow up feeling conscious of the colour of their skin, or where their parents come from or that they can achieve anything in life.''

The 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star lost her father when she was quite young and her sons have made her rethink how she views boys and men.

She previously said: ''I lost my dad very early on and even though I had a lot of male mentors in my life, either by family or being friends or just educators that inspired me, I still went through my aggressive stage in my 20s of forcefully being a feminist.

''You know, I'm a feminist because I have to fight men and everything and it's not until the universe with its way of being ironic, blessed me with raising men that I realised I am so humbled. I couldn't be more in awe of who they are their natures as boys. We put so much pressure on them.

''Through our nurture we tamper so much. So I've been leaning in on the books and talking to parents of boys, getting any advice from fathers and mothers that we can grab. My husband and I are sponges because we are determined to raise happy, stress-free men.''