Zoe Saldana had green snot coming out of her nose while shooting 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.

The 36-year-old actress went through a gruelling five-hour makeover every day for five months to play green alien Gamora in the new Marvel movie and she says the make-up caused havoc with her daily routine.

She told 'Access Hollywood': ''I had green on my pillows and in my [bath] tub. I'd blow my nose and I was like, 'Oh my God, when is this going to stop coming out of my lungs?' It was just crazy.''

Zoe even admits she nearly turned down the big budget movie because she was too ''impatient'' to go through the make-up process.

She added: ''That was the canker-sore of the role and it almost made me say no. It was going to be gruelling and I'm very impatient, I can't sit still, so I thought I was going to drive everybody crazy.''

After going through a taxing physical transformation each day, Zoe found it difficult to then go on set for a full day of filming as she was already exhausted.

She explained to Asia's TODAY show: ''Because it was four to five hours of make-up everyday, by the time you got to set, you felt like you'd worked a full day. I think the first month was the hardest.''