Zoe Saldana wants to ''continue growing'' as a person.

The 'Star Trek' actress - who has dated Bradley Cooper in the past - admits she has never been as content with her life as she is right now and wants to use her happiness to motivate her to keep learning.

She said: ''What am I looking forward to next year? Honestly, to continue growing in every aspect of my life because it's been a long time since I've been this happy. I really want that to motivate me moving forward on every level.''

One area Zoe will always enjoy no matter her mood is fashion, but she admits she is not a particularly trendy person and does not wear things because they are of the moment.

She said: ''I'm not really a trendy person when it comes to fashion. I never know what's going to catch my attention, so I really just dress in a way that expresses my mood and my feelings in any given situation.''

However, she will always consider clothing as less about ''luxury'' and more about art.

She told Gotham magazine: ''My grandmother and great-grandmother were seamstresses their whole lives, so when my grandmother moved to New York in the '60s, she worked for design houses throughout the city. She really loved fabrics and textiles, so it was natural to my family. Fashion wasn't like a religion to us, but it is in my ancestry. It was never about luxury; it was about art.''