Zoe Saldana enjoyed working in Burger King.

The 'Avatar' actress started at the very bottom and before her career took off she was working at the fast food chain when she had an epiphany.

She told Hello! magazine: ''When I was in my teens I had a job at Burger King, which I really enjoyed. Then one day I was in the middle of a transaction and realised I didn't enjoy it any more. I said to the manager there and then, 'Can you finish this?' and quit.

''I planned to go to college to train as a dancer, but instead I joined a theatre troop in Brooklyn [New York] and little by little things started to happen. I wish I was the sort of person who has the strategic mindset of making plans and drawing up lists, but I'm not.''

Zoe, 35, also prefers hanging out with geeks, because she believes they have more to their personalities than cool people.

She added: ''I don't like to put labels on people because I don't like people to put labels on me. But if I have to pick one quality, I would say the people I'm attracted to are naturally inquisitive and open minded and want to grow. I must say those people tend to be geeks like me. I used to hang out with cool people, but after a while I found there were such one trick ponies, I was just getting bored.''