Zoe Kravitz wants to see more ''real'' characters for women and people of colour in film scripts.

The 29-year-old actress has bemoaned the lack of roles out there for females and ethnic minorities rather than them be added into the script ''to further a white person's story''.

She said: ''You read scripts and you're like, 'Where is my story?' Often, the parts written for women are accessories to men's stories, and parts written for any kind of minority are an accessory to a white person's story. A script will point out that a character is African-American, and you know how she's going to talk. She's going to add some attitude for something. It's just about creating characters for women and people of colour who feel like real people, who feel complicated and honest - not just used to further a white person's story.''

And the 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star gets ''nervous'' when she doesn't have another job lined up.

She told the December issue of Elle magazine: ''If I don't have [the next] job lined up, I get nervous. It's irrational, maybe. But also good. When I was in high school, if a girl didn't like me, the first thing she'd say was, 'You think you're so cool because of your parents.'

''That carries into later life, like, 'Oh, you just got this part because your parents are this and that.' It's important to acknowledge that I got in the door easier because of them. Some kids work their whole lives and they can't even get an agent to call them back. That part was handed to me. People are always going to think that maybe you are who you are because of your family. So it's my responsibility to work harder.''