Zoe Kravitz wants to ''inspire'' people to ''be themselves''.

The 29-year-old actress has admitted she loves nothing more than to be seen as ''different'', because she wants to make sure she can encourage other people to embrace their own imperfections, especially young women.

She said: ''I hope I can inspire other people to be themselves. Being 'the other' - I know what that feels like. I really hope to be a reflection of just another human being - not a perfect person - and remind others it's OK to be different.

''I'm a human being, and you're a human being. I wish the story could end there, but we haven't totally reached that point yet. It's not necessarily about changing the world, but for young women who look like me, it's important for them to see a reflection of themselves in the media. It's also essential to show young women that beauty is all kinds of things. To see the same type of woman over and over again ... that can weigh on the psyche.''

The 'Mad Max: Fury Road' star also revealed she feels ''braver'' because of her confidence in herself.

She added to the March issue of Fashion magazine: ''It comes down to finding your people, finding your tribe. I think that once I met other kids and teenagers like me - kids who were into art and who were looking for more than what you look like on the outside - that's when I realised, 'Oh, it's OK that I don't fit into this box.' I'm really happy that I got to go through that. It makes you braver, and you learn from an early age that it's about what you look like - not that it's not OK to be blond and beautiful, but you're told from an early age that there is one idea of what beauty is. When you have to find your own way, it can make you stronger.''