Zoë Kravitz wants to help ''shift things in Hollywood'' by speaking out about racism.

The 29-year-old actress feels it is important to use her fame to ''speak her mind'' so that Hollywood ''can be more conscious'' about race.

Speaking to the October issue of Harper's BAZAAR magazine: ''I'm not necessarily trying to point the finger at anyone. I just want to make these writers, most of whom are probably white, aware of the things that affect me and likely affect other people as well ...

''I'm trying to speak my mind and shift things so Hollywood can be more conscious about things. My biggest pet peeve is when I read scripts that have character descriptions like 'Stacy, 22, perky,' then you get four pages in and see, 'Sarah, 22, African-American,' which makes it clear that everyone else is white. It was brave of her to go there. I don't think her intention was to shake things up. It was actually her truth.''

Meanwhile, Zoë previously revealed she wants to ''give a voice'' to women undergoing sexual harassment who cannot speak up for themselves.

She said: ''It is happening in every industry, women are being sexually harassed and being forced to take it because they are, say, single moms or immigrants. There are so many different kinds of situations where women are being forced to be quiet. For me, the idea of wearing black was to give a voice to those who didn't have one at that moment. It was just a dress, but it represented more.''