Dance star FATBOY SLIM still struggles to come to terms with the press attention his marital problems received, but is delighted his relationship with wife Zoe Ball is stronger than ever. The PRAISE YOU hitmaker - real name NORMAN COOK - was devastated when his TV presenter spouse's infidelity with a DJ became tabloid fodder in the UK in 2003. He says, "I think that Zoegate, when we split up, was the worst thing. It's one thing to have marriage problems but to have them in the paper and everyone knowing your businesss - that was dire. "It was just a blip, it happens in tons of marriages. Zoe calls it her 'mad period'. She said something just went 'ping' - and she didn't want to be a mum and thought she wanted something else." But he is now enjoying domestic bliss with Ball and their young son WOODY after the pair reassessed their work commitments to make time for the family. He continues, "Since the blip, both me and Zoe have kind of taken our foot off the pedal a bit. When we met, we were both at the peak of our careers, but now things are much more manageable. "We go out less. Instead, we'll have people over, put Woody to bed and then we can still drink and muck about."