British TV presenter Zoe Ball is considering Invitro Fertilisation (IVF) in her desperate bid to have another baby with superstar DJ NORMAN COOK. The couple have been trying for a brother or sister for five-year-old son WOODY, but their lack of success is starting to worry the couple - and if they find they are unable to conceive they will consider IVF. Ball, who married the DJ - also known as Fatboy Slim - in 1999, says, "We've been trying for another baby, but it's just not happening. At the moment we're playing the game of 'let's pretend we don't want one' in the hope we'll suddenly surprise ourselves by getting pregnant. But we've just not been lucky yet - and it's not through lack of trying. "We haven't got that far down the line yet (IVF). I'm only 35 so we still have a few more years. We're still hoping we will be able to have another baby naturally."