Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is bored of Asian stereotypes in Hollywood, which lead Chinese filmmakers to keep churning out martial arts movies.

It upsets the Hero beauty that so many different genres of Chinese films are never released internationally, because only kung-fu films are seen as marketable.

Ziyi explains, "I always think it's really hard if you are Asian or Chinese to be really in Hollywood.

"There are not so many really great characters for you. I always think you are lucky to get offered something like Memoirs Of A Geisha, but I don't think it will happen all the time.

"For the Chinese movie, I think martial arts movies are quite a quick and easy way for Chinese producers to get more of an audience.

"I think in the future, for the western audience if they get used to these kinds of Chinese movies then they will shift to other repertory."

25/05/2005 17:37