Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi cut her idol Maggie Cheung's hand while filming a gruelling fight scene for the smash hit martial arts movie Hero.

The Crouching Tiger, HIDDEN DRAGON beauty had to swoop down in the scene, holding a sword while Cheung repelled her by conjuring up a wind of autumn leaves - and because director Zhang Yimou forbid Ziyi from blinking while on camera, despite the blinding sunlight, she injured Cheung and burst into tears.

Ziyi recalls, "Maggie didn't know martial arts, so I was afraid to hurt her. But it happened. I cut her right hand with my knife. I felt so bad. The blood went everywhere.

"I started crying because Maggie is my idol. She keep saying, 'It's nothing'. But it was a big cut. I keep saying, 'Sorry'. But I feel so... Guilty!"

10/09/2004 17:17