Reggae star Ziggy Marley is convinced his legendary dad Bob Marley's fatal cancer was given to him by the same thugs who tried to kill him in a so-called bungled robbery.

The NO WOMAN NO CRY great died of brain cancer in 1981, but his son believes the disease was planted by sick killers who wanted his dad dead.

Ziggy says, "Because of scientific advances, we now know that radiation can be given to an individual to cause cancer in many different ways.

"Maybe something was put into his food or drink."

And he thinks the killers who attempted to shoot his father in a raid on the family's Jamaican home in 1978, could be the culprits.

He adds, "The next time, they couldn't just try to shoot him because that would have been too obvious. They had to invent something new - like cancer.

"Am I saying my father was killed? It's possible. You must realise that his work upset the status quo."

17/07/2003 09:19