Oscar-nominated movie CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER has angered the Chinese Communist Party for its "immoral" presentation of modern Chinese cinema. The film - the most expensive ever to be produced in the country - has been criticised for gratuitous use of nudity since its release last year (06), but the latest controversy singles out Zhang Yimou's blockbuster for its "lack of morality". A report in an official journal of the Communist Party, Study Times, brands the $44.35 million (GBP23 million) Curse Of The Golden Flower "bloodthirsty" and condemns the movie's reliance on "glitzy special effects". The review reads, "After watching Curse of the Golden Flower, this feeling of nausea just would not go away. In short, it's a bloodthirsty movie. "Fine art is not built on money. Good movies are not based on banquets of glitzy scenes and effects, and less so when violence and sex are involved. "Morality on its own cannot make great art. But without it, the 'blockbusters' only make people feel bad." Zhang earned a Best Foreign Film Oscar nomination in 1991 for RAISE THE RED LANTERN. Many of his films have been banned on the Chinese mainland but he was recently recruited by Olympic organisers to direct the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2008 Games in Beijing.