Zero 7 Announce New Ep 'Simple Science' Plus Stream Lead Song 'Simple Science' [Listen]

Zero 7 Announce New Ep 'Simple Science' Plus Stream Lead Song 'Simple Science' [Listen]

British electronic duo Zero 7 will release their new EP Simple Science on Monday 18th August 2014 by Make Records. Soulful sonic architects, connoisseurs of beatific beats and sound design par excellence - Zero 7 - return with the kind of sun-kissed, blue-sky studio twinkling you'd come to expect from the boys. Early singles Breathe Me and Destiny, taken from their 2001 album Simples Things, saw the duo collaborate with renowned Australian singer and songwriter Sia. You could use the term 'veterans' to describe Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker and you might well be right but they remain inspired, enthralled and enraptured by new sounds.

"We're really glad to let you know that we've got a couple more vinyl releases coming. We plan to put out two 12"s, the first includes another track featuring the gorgeous Danny Pratt entitled 'Simple Science'. On the flip is a dub of an unreleased song called 'Red, Blue and Green'.12" no.2 includes previous digital release 'Take Me Away' featuring (the one and) Only Girl. On the b side of this one is a track we knocked up after a long hang out at Block 9 at Glastonbury last year called 'U Know'.
With its Frankie Knuckles-esque arpeggiated synth motif and winsome, wide-eyed-with-wonder vocals courtesy of Danny Pratt, Simple Science is an assured and blissful revere, yearning, euphoric and primed for the dance floor. Elsewhere on the first slice of vinyl, Henry and Sam gift us the sublime kosmische shuffle of Red, Blue and Green. Simple Science 12" will be released on July 14th.

The second piece of wax features Take Me Away, which exemplifies the boy's cinema-scope, widescreen sound and ambition. A tight, in the pocket bass line takes root over skittering, celestial synths and Only Girl's sublime vocal line. This could be a phuture-phunky Quincy Jones track, utterly infectious. In perfect tonal-tandem with this is the uplifting, techy-pop of U Know. Take Me Away is released on July 28th.

All four tracks come together in sweet harmony for a digital EP release, which will be made available on August 18th.Artist: Zero 7

Title: 'Simple Science'
Label: Make Records
Release Date: August 18th

 1. Simple Science
 2. Red Blue and Green (Dub Copy)
 3. Take Me Away
 4. U Know