Zendaya has urged people to find ''balance'' in their lives.

The 23-year-old actress has said she understands that some people, particularly young people, often feel ''overwhelmed'' by the ''injustice'' happening around the world, but says the best way to overcome it is to find the perfect middle ground between fighting injustice and not letting it ''destroy you''.

Speaking to the December issue of Allure magazine, she said: ''There's literally injustice happening every second. It's intense and it's overwhelming, and I think a lot of young people are feeling that. But what do we do about it? All I can say is try to find a balance between doing the work and still not letting it destroy you as a person and destroy your hope and faith in humanity. It's allowing yourself to be angry enough to want to be motivated to do something, but not to where it breaks you down.''

The 'Euphoria' star is known for her activism work, including standing up for the equality of all minority groups.

And Zendaya recently said she makes a list of things she's grateful for every day, because it helps to put things into ''perspective'' for her.

She explained: ''You can't have more if you don't appreciate what you've got.

''I believe in having a sense of gratitude.

''Every day, I list the things I am thankful for and take a moment to appreciate them. That helps put everything in perspective.''

The 'Greatest Showman' actress keeps a journal when she needs to ''offload'' and has learned to open up to people when something is bothering her.

She added: ''Talking is the best medicine.

''I used to bottle things up and they would fester inside and get worse.

''But I've learnt that the best thing for me to get through a stressful situation is just to call whoever I need to and say, 'Look, I just need you to listen right now.'

''I also keep a journal for whenever I feel like I need to offload.''