Zendaya has found ''a lot of confidence'' through fashion.

The 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' star enjoys dressing up for red carpet events and admits it has boosted her self-esteem.

Speaking to People Style, she explained: ''I think for me, I really have been lucky to find, through fashion, a lot of confidence. For me, dressing up and trying new things is a form of exploring my confidence, exploring what I like, exploring what I enjoy.

''When I go on carpets, for some people, some people hate this part. This is my favourite part. I can just go to a red carpet and just go home, because it's like my favourite part is the red carpets. That's sometimes opposite for people, but I enjoy it. It's fun for me. I get to be these different characters. It's like an alter ego.''

Meanwhile, the 21-year-old actress has ''no fears'' with her wardrobe choices, according to stylist Law Roach.

Law said: ''I think we both evolved together. She has no fears when it comes to fashion and it allows us just to try things - different hair and make-up looks - and do things that are definitely on trend and not follow the rules ...

''I call her my style soul mate and our relationship is perfection. I can literally bring a rack of 20 things and I'll have my favourite nestled in the middle somewhere and she'll come right back to it and say 'I love this one'.

''Nine times out of 10 that always happens. And now everything we do is just second nature to us. The way we think, the ideas we both have, it's almost kind of scary in a great way.''