Zendaya has collaborated with Bloomingdales on a festive fashion line.

The 21-year-old actress has teamed up with the department store's house line, AQUA, to create a limited edition collection in time for Christmas, which features an array of glamorous dresses inspired by her upcoming movie 'The Greatest Showman'.

And the star - who portrays Anne Wheeler in the production alongside Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron - has revealed she took ''elements'' from the film and re-worked them to create garments suitable for a cocktail party.

Speaking to PEOPLE about her latest venture, Zendaya - who launched her own brand Daya by Zendaya in 2015 - said: ''We took the elements and the ideas of the movie and made them make sense for someone who is going to a cocktail party.''

The products in Zendaya's capsule are laden with ''a lot of glitter'', but so not to go over the top the style icon has advised customers to accessorise every outfit with a black ''simple, pointy toe'' shoe.

She added: ''And there's a lot of glitter and a lot of shine going on, so if you literally pair anything with a simple, pointy toe black pump, then you're good to go.''

Zendaya's collection has gone down a storm with customers already as only five pieces remain, and they are priced from $98 to just under $200 on Bloomingdales.com.

And Tony Spring - who is the chairman and chief executive officer at Bloomingdales - believes ''attitude opulence and optimism'' of the movie, which is slated for release next month, is in ''every touch'' of the item, as well as the stores window displays.

Speaking previously, he said: ''You can feel the attitude, opulence, and optimism of the film injected in every touch point to the consumer, through the store, online, in our social media, in our products running through giftables, fashion, jewellery, sweaters and dresses, and the windows.''