Zedd has promised fans his collaboration with Shawn Mendes is ''100 per cent'' on the way.

The 'Clarity' producer - who releases his new song 'Happy Now' today (18.07.18) - says the pair exchanged ideas via phone and that they have one standout track which started with a riff the Canadian hunk sent him that they want to finish.

Speaking to Roman Kemp on Capital FM on Wednesday (18.07.18), Zedd - whose real name is Anton Zaslavski - teased: ''There will be a song. We have a song we wanna work on that Shawn started.''

The new song will be unlike anything the pair have released before, as the 'Stay the Night' hitmaker said it sent them ''in a spot that [they] had never been by [themselves]''.

The Russian-German producer's latest collaboration, 'The Middle' - featuring Maren Morris and Grey - has reached the top 10 in the US, UK and several other countries.

Meanwhile, fans are still waiting on 'In My Blood' hitmaker Shawn to drop his long-awaited collaboration with Niall Horan.

The One Direction star said last month: ''The fans would love it. He's in the middle of his album at the minute so if we can get something rustled up in the next while, we'll see what happens. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.''

Shawn had previously insisted that he will work with the 24-year-old star when their schedules align.

Asked if it's happening, Shawn shared: ''Yes, definitely, it will. Eventually when we get time. I met him for the first time the other day, but it's funny because we felt like we knew each other because we were talking back and forth for a long time. But yeah, when we get the chance, I'd love to write with him. I think he's incredible. He's got this great, great vibe happening with this whole acoustic thing so I think I really want to get involved with it, if he is down. Which he is, I think.''