Zayn Malik's family make him take the rubbish out when he's home.

The 23-year-old singer songwriter - who quit the British boy band One Direction in March this year - has admitted his family do not spoil him and treat him ''exactly'' the same as they did before he became a recognised artist, which means they still put him on bin man duty when he returns to his home in Bradford, although he will only stay for a short period to avoid the household duties.

Speaking about his trips home, the dark-haired hunk said: ''My childhood was really protected. My dad didn't want me to go out, so I'd just stay at home playing video games.

''When I go back to Bradford they treat me exactly the same. It's why I only ever go back for a few days, otherwise they have me taking out the bins.''

However, the 'PillowTalk' hitmaker has revealed his family aren't the only ones who don't see him very very often.

And Zayn, - who currently lives in California - has admitted his childhood friends haven't heard from him recently because he's trying to focus on his solo career and balance his work life and his love life.

Zayn - who is currently dating 21-year-old supermodel Gigi Hadid - told ELLE magazine: ''I haven't been in touch with my friends from Bradford for a long time. I'm too busy. I work too much. I don't have enough time to get home and see my family even, and then I have a girlfriend and I have to balance my time with her.''

And it is believed the couple have moved in together and Zayn is redecorating their humble abode to suit his girlfriend.

Speaking previously, a source said: ''Zayn and Gigi have moved in together in LA and he's busy furnishing and buying paintings to change it up and make it more of a couple's pad.

''They cherish every moment together and make sure they're never apart for longer than 10 days so it made sense for her to move in officially.''

The couple also share Gigi's New York apartment when they are on the east coast.