Zayn Malik is selling his New York bachelor pad for $10.8 million.

The 26-year-old singer has listed his stunning 3,600-square-foot Big Apple penthouse apartment just one year after he bought it and seven months after his split from long-term love Gigi Hadid.

The spectacular SoHo home is located just a few blocks from Gigi's condo in New York.

Zayn's home is located in a 19th-century former silk factory building and has four bedrooms and four bathrooms.

It also features a 932 sq ft roof terrace, 12ft vaulted ceilings and an open-plan living room.

Zayn is also selling his $3.1 million Bel Air bungalow in Los Angeles and previously revealed he left LA because he had been partying too hard during his time there.

He said: ''Producers, musicians, tailors, stylists, managers. Them kind of things. It got too crazy. I just got too much into the party scene. Just going out all the time. And I was too distracted.''

He also has a farm in rural Pennsylvania, close to Gigi's mother Yolanda Hadid's farm and Zayn revealed last year that he feels more comfortable in the USA than the UK because people are so supportive.

He said: ''The UK is like, 'F**k you, you're successful'. That's not a nice attitude to have. You come to America, you're a bit shocked at first: 'Are these people being genuine? Are they really interested in me? Do they want to have a conversation?' But they do! And that's a really nice thing. And I feel like it's misrepresented across the globe. For the kind of country it is, because everybody supports, no matter what colour, what gender, what sexuality, what class--none of that matters here. People genuinely want to know you for who you are. And that's how America should be represented across the world.''