Aled Jones thinks more classical artists should compete on TV talent shows.

The 46-year-old singer believes programmes such as 'Britain's Got Talent' have done a great job of promoting singers and groups that otherwise wouldn't get much mainstream exposure.

Asked if more classical artists should compete on TV, he said ''Why not - it's up to them to enter I suppose.

''It's a great opportunity for them and it has worked for Susan Boyle and Collabro. I'm very much for giving classical music to the masses - if you want to do it get up and do it.''

Aled was very proud to be the best selling classical artist of 2016, not least because his 'One Voice' LP outsold the likes of Zayn Malik.

He told BANG Showbiz: ''This is album 31 or 32 and I was number one in the classic chart and pop chart.

''I was told that one week I was outselling Zayn Malik, which is great if it's true!

''The album also outsold Adele in physical copies but not downloads.

The hardworking 'Songs of Praise' host is very busy with his music career and as well as going out on the road, he'll be releasing another new album later this year.

He said: ''I have an album coming out in the end of the year, but I'm not really sure what will be on the album yet.

''I've just come back from Australia, I was number one there. I am touring in May then going back to Australia for another tour there.

''And I worked with Dame Vera Lynn on her latest album.''