Zara Larsson has promised her second album will be released in early 2017.

The 'Lush Life' hitmaker has been dying to get her follow-up to 2014's '1', which was originally slated to be released in February, out for her fans and has finally given an update on the release date.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: ''It's coming in January. I have been pushing it for literally a year. It was supposed to come out February 2016 and I was like, it's coming out summer, it's coming out after summer, it's coming out in the fall, and then in the winter.''

The Swedish pop beauty believes there is a song for everybody on the record, which consists of love ballads to dance anthems.

She said: ''It's a little mixed. It's pop but there are some rhythmic songs, some dance songs, some ballads. I think that everyone will like at least one song.''

Meanwhile, Zara previously revealed she would love to have a career like Beyoncé's.

She explained: ''That's what I really want to be [like Beyoncé]. I have some friends and they're super-hipster. And they're like; 'All I wanna do is sing in a jazz bar and to just make it to pay for the rent.' And I'm like, cool ... That's not what I wanna do. I want as many people as possible to go to my concert.

''Two nights, 85,000 people in the audience. I can only imagine what she feels like standing there on stage, like 'All these people came for me because they love my music and we're all here right now to make this a magical and special night...' To do like legendary. Because why not?''