Zara Larsson has been hiding herself away in the studio.

The Swedish pop sensation has reassured her fans that she is hard at work on the highly-anticipated follow-up to her 2017 debut LP 'So Good'.

She tweeted her 1.36m followers: ''Busy the studio errrrrrrdaiiii (sic)''

The album progress update comes after she admitted at the end of last year that her second album is sounding ''sexy''.

Zara also revealed that she has penned two songs with MNEK - who also works with Dua Lipa - though she's not sure if they'll make the final cut.

She said: ''I started two-and-a-half months ago with MNEK and we wrote two amazing songs. ''I'm not sure if they'll make the album yet, but I love to work with him. He is such a blessing to work with. Ever since that session it's been going super well.

''It's very early but for now, it's kind of mysterious and a little sexy, but still pop, of course.''

The pop star previously teased that her next album will be ''cheesy'' because it's all about being in love.

Updating her fans on Twitter, she wrote previously: ''Hello everyone I just wanted to tell y'all than I'm in love so the next album will probably be cheesy (sic)''

And Zara recently admitted she doesn't care if her strong opinions damage her career.

She confessed: ''I have an impact, and I think if I can, you know, enlighten someone or change someone's mind, then I think I did a great thing. I am not really concerned about how it will affect my career.

''I think that some things are more important than my career. And, I just can't shut up! I am very vocal about everything. Who I am on social media is definitely who I am as a person.''