Zara Larsson has declared herself a feminist and misandrist.

The 19-year-old pop singer deliberately caused sparked controversy when she posted a photo to Instagram of a condom on her leg to prove a point to men who claim they can't wear the rubber contraceptive device because they're too small for their manhoods.

When asked of whether she identifies as a feminist or misandrist - a person who is prejudiced against men - she replied: ''Both!''

The 'Symphony' hitmaker - who shot to stardom after she won a 'Talang', a Swedish talent show - was able to stretch the sheath all the way up to her mid-calf and light-heartedly captioned the image: ''To all the guys saying ''my d**k is too big for condoms - TAKE A SEAT. (sic)''

Zara insists most girls thought her stunt was very funny, but a lot of guys were angry at her.

She added to BANG Showbiz: ''I think a lot of people were laughing and thought it was fun. A lot of guys were very upset about it which to me was like, get over it. I think people were laughing and took it as a joke but at the same time it wasn't.''

Zara recently attended the Women's March in Los Angeles and described the event as ''very empowering''.

She previously said: ''I thought it was incredible to be at the women's march in LA. It was very empowering.

''You know, these are times that you might feel a bit worried, maybe, like what's going on in the word.

''It is great to see how many people, from so many different places, different genders, just coming together for this cause and it's just basically about human rights.

''It gave me a lot of hope that people are out here and they are ready to fight.''