Zandra Rhodes would never been seen without jewellery.

The eccentric British designer - who is working with Adele Marie on a collection of accessories - always likes to make sure she is bedecked with beads and adornments and wanted to create a range she would wear.

She said: "Firstly, I never go out without jewellery, ever! When I saw what Adele Marie did I knew that this was jewellery that I could be wearing. As a designer you have to want to wear what you are putting out.

"I like to get away and take inspiration from the kind of things I want to be wearing. With collaborations it's different - we merge our ideas and visions together."

The pink-haired sartorialist - who has dressed Elizabeth Taylor and Kylie Minogue in the past - believes the range will be particularly for women who are not afraid to make a statement with what they wear.

She added to "It's for women who just want to wear a unique piece of jewellery. They're very strong pieces, which emulate me. It's not shy jewellery; it's for women who want to make a statement."