Zandra Rhodes loves making clothes for curvy women.

The British designer has recently been in San Francisco creating outfits for the female stars of 'Aida' at the Houston Grand Opera and has been getting a lot of enjoyment out of it because it makes a change from the body shapes she usually has to cater for.

She said: "I love trying to make all these big women look skinny - it's not easy. It's actually really nice designing clothes that aren't for tiny models. I can be much more theatrical about it too."

Zandra also revealed how she wants to open a new London-based store to give her iconic label a visual presence.

She said: "It's something I'd absolutely love to do. It's my next big plan - I just want to be able to see everything and to go in there and meet my customers and see what they want. Did you ever hear Christian Lacroix talking about my old shop? He said he used to press his face up against the shop windows just to have a look - isn't that just lovely? Maybe he'd come back again."

Despite having a hugely successful career, the 70-year-old star - known for her eccentric dress sense - says she has no plans to retire.

She said: "I don't think so - I mean what on Earth would I do?"