American actor Zack Ward is delighted he's starring in the upcoming Transformers movie, because he never had enough money to buy the toys when he was younger. The 36-year-old, who plays DONNELLY in the Steven Spielberg-produced science fiction film, believes fate handed him his role because a relative worked as a designer for the original 1980s cartoon's toy makers Hasbro. He tells website Skewed + Reviewed, "I like the toys but couldn't afford them as a kid. I didn't care for the cartoon as I thought the animation sucked. I did take my little brother to see the animated movie when he was about five years old and that was cool as hell." He adds, "This will be the next Star Wars, geeked on by a new generation of nerds and now I am one with their nerdiness. "I love doing stuff like this. It's like being a kid and playing superhero, only the guns, helicopters, F-117 Stealth bombers, F-22 Raptors, and tanks are real."