Zack Snyder has unveiled the Batmobile from 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

The 48-year-old director has posted a photo of Batman's vehicle on his Twitter page for fans to see.

The car - which will be driven by Ben Affleck in the role as The Caped Crusader - is an armoured black vehicle with a machine gun turret at the front and other weapons on the body.

Stylistically, the car is more in keeping with the design of the Batmobile from 'The Dark Knight' trilogy - starring Christian Bale - rather than the vehicle seen in Tim Burton's two Batman movies and other films.

Snyder decided to post the image after pics of the car were taken during a shoot and posted online.

The filmmaker accompanied his photo with the caption: ''Here's a real picture of the #Batmobile. (sic)''

Affleck stars in the movie - the sequel to Superman film 'Man of Steel' - with Henry Cavil, who plays Superman, Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Gal Gadot, who is taking on the role of Wonder Woman.

Jesse Eisenberg will play villain Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons appears as Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred and 'The Piano' star Holly Hunter is also part of the cast but her role is yet to be revealed.

'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice' is being shot at the Michigan Motion Picture Studio as well as various locations in and around Detroit, Illinois, Africa and the South Pacific.

The movie is scheduled for release on May 2016.